About Lessons

Violin Lessons for All Ability Levels and Ages...

Lessons for beginners focus on the fundamentals of playing.  The most important stage of learning to play an instrument is in the beginning.  The correct setup and proper implementation of fundamentals are essential.  As experienced music educator and performer, Madison Powell focus on making the process fun and enjoyable while helping students reach the highest level of musical excellence.

Lessons for Intermediate and advanced students are extremely beneficial to musical growth and are a necessity for high-level performance.  Students receive a tremendous emphasis on technique through the study of scales, ├ętudes, studies, and literature.  The Academy also specializes in assisting studnets with auditions, placement playing tests, competitions, and recitals.  Instruction is catered to the indivdual needs of each student with tremendous results.

Lessons for adults are offered for any ability level.  Many adults have the lifelong goal of learning to play an instrument.  The Academy teaches many adult beginners and caters to the specific interests of the student.  Many adults have had the dream of learning to play an instrument for years.  With a specific approach to teach adults who are complete beginners or wish to pick up that instrument again after years away from it, Madison makes the process thoroughly enjoyable.


Lessons are offered on violin and occur once a week. Lessons are typically thirty minutes in length (one hour for highly advanced students). As each student is different, so are their lessons. Mrs. Powell tailors her teaching to each student’s learning style in order to achieve the highest retention level of knowledge and skill. A principle of her instruction is to make every student a better teacher to themselves by teaching students how to identify, assess, and correct problems within their playing to make their personal practice time more effective and efficient, thereby maximizing their success. Concepts of music theory, history, and ear training are also integrated to create a greater depth of musical understanding. Assistance with audition and ensemble material is also provided as needed.