Frequently asked questions

How do lessons work?

Madison first likes to speak to each student and/or parent to learn more about the desired outcome of lessons. From this point, lesson policies are discussed, and a weekly lesson time is planned. Online students will need an HD or 4K webcam and working microphone, all which is supported by most smartphones and tablets. Online students also need a fast and reliable Internet connection.

What do I need for lessons?

  1. Working and properly-sized violin of good quality
  2. Consistent weekly time for lessons
  3. HD or 4K webcam with good quality microphone (for online students)
  4. Reliable and fast Internet connection (for online students)

What abilities and ages are taught?

Nearly all ages and abilities are taught, but a minimum of six years old is a requirement.

How do I schedule lessons?

Contact Madison through the "Contact" page to discuss your interest, her policies, and potential times for lessons.